Feng Shui Your Naperville Home

Naperville Homes for Sale Feng Shui

Feng Shui Your Naperville Home

This ancient Chinese practice is popular in Naperville, where homeowners have the benefit of Feng Shui consultants ready to help them bring positive energy flow into their homes and lives.

Feng Shui for Naperville Homes

Feng Shui is the delicate balance of energies in a home and it has been practiced in China for over 3000 years. Pronounced ‘Fung Shway’, its literal translation is ‘Wind Water’. It is a practice based on Taoist philosophy, which puts a great deal of emphasis on living in harmony with nature. The belief promotes that the land is alive and brimming with energy, or ‘chi’ (pronounced ‘chee’). This in turn means that your Naperville home is alive and full of chi as well and needs to be arranged in such a way that the chi can be maximized.

Here are some steps you can take to improve the feng shui of your Naperville home.

Get Rid of Clutter
The very process of clearing out clutter is therapeutic. When it applies to feng shui, it’s an essential step to remove objects that will block the path of good energy flow.

Bring In Light And Air
Open the windows often. Add plants and air purifiers. Allow ‘flow’ of natural light as much as possible and use full-spectrum lights.

Create Your Bagua Map
You will need a compass and a bagua map to determine the needs of your home. A bagua map is the energy map of your home. Drawing one specific to your home will help you determine which areas will help you maximize improving your Chi for specific areas of your life.

Use Feng Shui Elements in Harmony and Balance
Use a balance of the five feng shui elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, for a healthy energy flow. Specific elements and their positions in your Naperville home can be used to enhance health, love, wealth, career, wisdom/knowledge, reputation/fame, children/creativity and helpful people.

Get A Good Understanding of Feng Shui
There are different levels of Feng Shui. You can easily learn the basics from online resources. If you think your home needs some serious work, then contact a consultant.

There are many steps you can take to begin basic feng shui, a bit of online research will get you well on your way to making immediate improvements.

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