How to Sell a House When One Owner Refuses?

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Welcome to the third installment of our comprehensive project on how to sell a house fast in Naperville. We hope you’re taking notes.

When selling your Naperville IL home, there can be many different obstacles throughout the process and even before you’ve listed your home for sale. Challenges such as handling unrealistic home buyers and handling the emotions of selling a home are just a couple of the top challenges.

What can you do if your spouse refuses to sell your Naperville IL home?

  1. You cannot sell the matrimonial home unless your spouse agrees to the sale. If there are children involved, they may be able to delay the sale of the home for quite some time. First, encourage him or her to sign a separation agreement. This means that you and your spouse or partner agree to a certain plan of action when it comes to your property.
  2. This may be your last resort. You can get the courts involved. You may file a petition for special relief to ask that the court gets involved in moving the sale along quicker. It is suggested that you stay in the house so that your partner won’t be able to control the entire process.
  3. If you have moved out of the home but are still paying your share of the housing expenses, you can also request that your spouse pay you “occupation rent”, which is money paid in recognition of the free use your spouse is receiving of the home and also the advantage they are receiving from having your equity tied up in the home they are living in. If you request this relief from the court it may encourage them to move out more quickly.

Try to negotiate something that works best for both sides

Once you have overcome these issues, you may easily find yourself with a buyer and close the deal. Always ensure you are getting the right amount from the sale and at times, you might have to hold on until the right time strikes.

The market trends seem to be shifting from season to season, and you could be forced to sell the property at a time when it is not appropriate. This could get you a lower amount than what you could have fetched if you waited for a few months.

I’m sure your home is one of the largest investments you’ve made. Now that you’ve decided to sell it, you want to make sure to have it in good hands. Look for a REALTORⓇ that will help to sell your Naperville IL home for its true value. It’s important to find an agent that has experience in the field and is knowledgeable about market trends for your specific area.

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