November 1, 2016

Why Quartz Counters Are Trending

Quartz has become an ever-popular choice for kitchen or bathroom counters in recent years. As the second most common element found in the earth, quartz, which comes from the German word “quarz,” has been used for decorative works of art and jewelry for centuries in the Middle East and all over Europe, and has long been considered mystical in nature. Other names for the mineral include “kruos” (Greek) for “icy cold,” and “twardy” (Polish) or “tvrd” (both Croatian and Serbian) to mean “hard.” Indeed, as the names suggest, quartz is very durable, forming crystal structures that are cool as well as smooth to the touch. So why the hype about quartz compared to other surfaces? Perhaps these 5 features that will show you why quartz counters are trending:

1. Covers a wider surface range for less. Unlike granite countertops, which are cut to size in slabs, quartz countertops are a mixture of crushed quartz and adhesive, molded into the size specifications needed for a slab. It is a whole lot easier and cost-effective to add additional slabs with quartz than it is with granite, because with quartz you don’t to worry about finding an exact match that won’t look odd side-by-side as you would have to with granite.

2. Beautiful color choices available. Quartz comes in a variety of colors, many of which are enhanced by a luminescent effect known as diasterism, prevalent in rose quartz and milky quartz – both named for their dominant colors. Other varieties spanning a whole rainbow of colors to match any décor in your kitchen or bathroom in onxy, smoky quartz, amethyst, agate, chalcedony (with shimmery flecks of mica), jasper, aventurine, tiger’s eye, carnelian, citrine, and vermarine finishes and patterns.

3. Easy to clean. Quartz is easy to clean with soap and water to look new every time without any special soaps needed to keep bacteria- and stain-free. Granite, on the other hand, does require annual resealing, and special products to maintain its appearance, as it can also retain stains from any spills.

4. Eco-friendly. Quartz can be bought from local sources, which makes it that much easier to obtain, with fewer carbon footprints than you would have with transporting and possibly importing granite to install in your kitchen or bathroom.

5. Scratch-resistant. Quartz is durable enough to withstand getting scratched or scuffed, and though it is not heat resistant, you won’t have the burning or scratching to the surface like you would with granite.

With such versatility and ease of use for quartz, it makes sense to opt for such a material in your kitchen and bathroom if you want low-maintenance counters that will last for years. To make sure your countertops will fit according to your needs, keep in mind these simple tips:

· Choose the plumbing fixtures and appliances and then have measurements taken from them so that the resulting quartz slabs used are made to exact dimensions, including any cuts needed to make the fixtures and appliances fit on or around them.

· Choose the right slab thickness for the job. If it’s for a counter, then typically it will be 1 ¼ inch thickness, but you can make any edgings thinner, anywhere from ½ to 1 ½ inches.

· Choose the right edgings. A simple edging is straight, but you can create a more dramatic look by using a bullnose (rounded) or even beveled edging, to name a few.

Teresa Ryan

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