2932 Sheehan Dr Naperville IL 60564 | Waterfront Townhome for Sale

Naperville IL Waterfront Townhomes for Sale

Convenience and comfort at an affordable price.

Situated on a circular driveway with several other townhomes on Sheehan Dr Naperville 2932, this waterfront home’s facade is a picture of simplicity and functionality combined.

Naperville IL Waterfront Homes for Sale

But do not let the frontage lull you into thinking it is just like any regular home. Behind its simple facade, this Naperville IL townhome for sale has distinct features which you must not miss.

Do you know that the city of Naperville ranks as one of the country’s safest cities? Back in 2006, it was voted the second-best place to live in the U.S.

Waterfront Homes for Sale in Naperville IL

To enter this charming townhome, you have two options.

You can take the shortcut which is the red door behind the garage, which opens to a hallway leading to the kitchen and dining place. Or walk around to the other side and enter thru the glass sliding door which opens to a cozy living room with a fireplace.

Real Estate Properties for Sale in Naperville IL

Enjoy the soothing heat of the fireplace as you gaze at the stunning view outside.

You will find that the living room is the coziest place in this lovely Naperville IL townhome for sale. With its carpeted floor, gas fireplace, and the clear sliding doors showing a view of the lush greens surrounding the waters, it is easily the best place to entertain guests or simply relax.

Just imagine how cozy you can be on a rainy day, with the rain beating on the sliding door and making the tip-tap sound while you are safely settled by the couch beside the fireplace.

Naperville IL Homes for Sale

The simplicity of the open floor layout draws the focus to the main features of the house.

Adjacent to the living room is a comfortably spaced dining area which features a wall mirror.  The mirror creates a sophisticated look to the dining area, making the place seem bigger and brighter.

With the sunlight streaming in through the windows of the dining area and a huge mirror encompassing the wall, you can practically visualize the picture of warmth the house radiates.

Homes for Sale in Naperville IL

Create superior quality meals at the comfort of your home.

The freshly painted kitchen interior is very inviting, especially if you enjoy preparing delicious meals or creating desserts.

This kitchen can certainly accommodate all your groceries and more, having loads of space for storage. It is also partially enclosed for security reasons especially if you have small kids who like to explore.

Naperville IL Waterfront Homes for Sale

Sleep the night away without worries.

The second floor of this well-built townhome houses its two bedrooms.

The master bedroom is bright and spacious.

The large windows allow plenty of light to stream in during the day. At night, it presents a romantic view of the pond, along with the road and bike trails beside it.

Townhomes for Sale in Naperville IL

An opportunity to create a customized patio.

When you step out of the cozy living room, the sliding door opens into an open patio area surrounded by greens, commanding a perfect view of the pond in this low cost Naperville IL townhome for sale.

The concrete patio floor is versatile and durable, the perfect floor for barbeques, games, picnics and more.

You have the option of creating a customized patio. You can have it covered or leave it as it is.

Townhomes for Sale in Naperville IL

The view is amazing from this Naperville townhome.

The best attraction of this beautiful townhome? It is the pond that your living room sliding door opens to.

There is just something about a pond with a fountain that can be soothing and comforting. When you have had a rough day, gazing at the pond and the green around can bring you some semblance of peace and tranquility.

Living beside a pond is perfect on any season. During summer to autumn, it is the best place for family gatherings and barbecue. During the winter, you do not have to go far to ice skate, provided the snow gets thick enough.

Homes for Sale in Naperville IL

This townhome can be yours at an affordable price!

Buy this 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom Naperville IL townhome for sale for only $164,000. Whether you are looking for a place to call your home or seeking to expand your investments, this  may be what you need.

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