A Private Gym In Naperville For Overweight Women And Men

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A Private Gym In Naperville For Overweight Women And Men

There is a gym in Naperville where membership is reserved for people who are at least 50 pounds overweight and are shy about attending a regular gym. It is private, specialized, customized and fun.

Downsize Fitness specifically meets the needs of people who really need customized fitness plans as well as a feeling of comfort to help them meet their weight loss goals in a healthy way – both, mentally and physically.

“Our trainers are focused on being supportive coaches instead of demanding drill sergeants, and workouts that can be tailored to any level of endurance, flexibility, and strength,” said Downsize Fitness Naperville’s General Manager, Jillian McAfee.

Kishan Shah, CEO of Downsize Fitness, says the gym is filling the need to empower more obese and overweight Naperville women and men to go to the gym and lose weight, and the company is hoping to open many more similar fitness centers focused on weight loss across the United States in the next few years.

Downsize Fitness put up a location in Naperville because most of their clients in their Chicago gym live in the suburbs and since Downsize Fitness’ founder, Francis Wisniewski was a Naperville resident for about 10 years, it was ideal.

“We design our exercise classes so everyone can do them,” says McAfee. “We make it fun because otherwise people wouldn’t come back.”

“There’s this magic of giving the member a fantastic workout that helps them lose fat and build muscle, but also provides a level of safety and comfort where you’re not going to get hurt,” said Shah, who had lost 200 pounds himself over seven years through diet and exercise. “The secret is the support community and empowerment we give our members. We understand it’s a difficult journey. Seventy-five percent of our staff have weight loss transformations themselves.”

The weight loss-focused strength and conditioning routines offered at Downsize Fitness cannot be found anywhere else. Classes offer functional training with exercise balls, free weights, resistance bands, and kettlebells.

The most popular classes among Naperville women in the Downsize Fitness gym are circuit training and cardio dance.

Downsize keeps class sizes small so trainers can closely monitor each client and give advice on proper techniques to ensure safety and optimal calorie burn.

Clients worked out through classes with alternating smiles and giggles, comfortably chatting about movies and other things in between sets of exercises.

Downsize Fitness’ Naperville gym client base is comprised of mostly women so far, but three men have also joined.

Privacy is not an issue at Downsize Fitness because the storefront has frosted windows and only a small sign to let Downsize Fitness clients know they arrived at the right place.

Many Naperville women who regularly go to Downsize Fitness have lost 10 to 20 lbs in 4 to 6 weeks of classes.

The hours Naperville women spend in the gym is guaranteed to help improve their health, whether they are dancing to cardio routines, doing modified jumping jacks, or laughing with their peers.

Downsize Fitness, launched two years ago in Chicago, calls itself “the world’s first overweight-only gym.”

“But if and when clients succeed at their weight-loss goals, they’re welcome to remain members. We actually hope they stay on and act as mentors,” McAfee said. “It’s extremely motivating for new clients to see what they’ve accomplished.”

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