Create Great Fall / Winter Curb Appeal for Your Naperville Luxury Home

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Create Great Fall / Winter Curb Appeal for Your Naperville Luxury Home

As a Naperville resident, you probably know the value of curb appeal and take a certain pride in creating and maintaining your lawn, garden and home exterior. I am sure you have done an amazing job already!

Awesome Fall Winter Curb Appeal in Naperville

If you’re planning on selling your Naperville luxury home in the near future, there are certain tricks of the trade that I have listed here to help you really capture the attention of homebuyers who are looking online or are driving through your neighborhood looking for their dream home.

We have to remember that people are very visual. Presenting home buyers with an elegant and ‘complete visual’ will help you get on their short list.

REALTORS®, buyers, and sellers know that curb appeal is essential in selling any type of house, especially luxury homes.

It would be counterproductive for you to spend thousands on designer furniture, remodel your bathrooms and update your kitchens if the exterior of your Naperville luxury home looks dull and unappealing. The goal is to get homebuyers through the door to appreciate the interior of the home.

Here are some tips to create curb appeal and make a great impression for your Naperville luxury home this fall and winter season:

Spruce Up the Lawn.

During the fall season, your lawn will go dormant and the grass no longer needs to be cut, but that doesn't mean you should ignore it. Fall is a great time to keep your yard looking clean by managing brown spots in the grass, raking leaves, and removing clutter and debris.

Now I know that decorating your front yard with holiday decorations is fun but if you have your house on the market, it’s best to keep the decorations to a bare minimum and remove them the day after. Declutter the outside and the inside of your Naperville home for sale and you will grant home buyers the opportunity to view the true splendor of the house, without distraction.

When the weather gets colder and it begins to snow, make sure to keep your entryways and sidewalks free from snow for safety. Shovel early and minimize ice buildup. If you are interested in earth-friendly alternatives to road salt, consider using sand, ashes, kitty litter or EcoTraction (

Prune shrubs and trees.

Before the cold winter sets in, make sure to prune and cut back your shrubs and trees. Aside from making them look tidy and neat, you won’t have as many dead branches and debris in your yard and walkway.

Highlight Your Front Door.

Your front door is the focal point of your Naperville luxury home’s curb appeal. Don’t hesitate to make your front door pop out with a bright or vivid color that will definitely make your home stand out from the rest of the homes in the neighborhood. To prepare for the Christmas season, you can hand a decorative wreath or a door hanger that matches the colors of your surrounding landscape.

Outdoor Lighting.

As winter approaches, the days get shorter and it gets dark earlier. Make sure the pathway to your home is well-lit so it can be easily seen by potential buyers and passers-by even when it’s dark. Make sure your front door and porch are also well lit with hanging lights or lanterns. You could even add some lighted jack-o’-lanterns to the walkway to keep up with the Halloween spirit.

Add Color to the Exterior.

If you have summer plants in your lawn, they may fade as the weather gets colder. Replace them with vibrant and colorful flowers that thrive in the fall and winter like bright fall mums.

Consider adding a fresh coat of paint to the exterior or your Naperville luxury home. A new and fresh color goes a long way in making your home look new. New paint also provides a seal of protection from the moisture and elements during the colder weather.

Keep It Simple.

Resist the urge to splurge on the most expensive and largest holiday decorations for your home. Keep it simple yet tasteful. Limit your holiday decor to just a festive wreath on the door. Covering your lawn with too much holiday decor will detract from your home and make it lose its curb appeal. Check out popular home magazines and how holiday decor is used on the homes.

Clean Your Gutters and Downspouts.

Check your gutters regularly for fallen leaves, debris, pine needles, and other items that can obstruct the flow of rainwater or melting ice away from your home. Overflowing debris in the gutters could cause damage and water leaks, as well as give an impression to potential buyers that your home is not well-maintained.

Creating curb appeal for your Naperville luxury home for fall and winter is not just about decorating and attracting potential buyers, but also taking the necessary preventive measures to keep you and your guests safe during the colder months.

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