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Historic Homes in Naperville IL

Naperville is home to a vibrant downtown historic home district 

Taking a stroll through the historic district in downtown Naperville is a popular thing for visitors to do while in our town.

To be considered a historic home by the Naperville Historic Society a home must be at least 50 years old.  There are homes much older than 50 years. 

Integrity is another prerequisite for being listed as a historic home.  According to the National Register, a specific property’s integrity is  defined through 7 qualities: location, setting, materials, design, workmanship, feeling, and association. Simply put, does the property still look the way it did in the past? Does it radiate an aesthetic feeling of history? Is the workmanship representative of a  specific architectural style or method of construction during a certain time period?

If a home answers yes to all of these, most probably the house will be classified as a historic home.

Lastly, significance. Does this property have a rich backstory of historic events? Was it witness to events that were of historic significance in its day? If the property is connected to  or associated with important events, people, or developments of the past, this is a good sign that it is a historical landmark.

Historic homes for sale have always been sought after, especially the ones in the historic district of Naperville

It’s no secret that historic homes have always had a mysterious charm and appeal wrapped around them. 

Many of the homes here in the Historic District of Naperville have wonderful back stories and visual appeal for history buffs.  Once in a while, one of these historic homes will come up for sale.

 Historic homes for sale in Naperville are one of a kind. You can find old Craftsman homes, Victorian homes including a few Painted Ladies, and some Colonial Revivals. 

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Buy a historic home in Naperville today. 

When you own a property that is historically significant to the community, you are benefiting the community and your neighborhood.  When you buy a historic home you are agreeing to maintain the home and keep the renovations in line with the original architecture to maintain the integrity of the historic designation. 

The best part though, is that your historic home will be complete with details in an established and mature neighborhood.

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